Façade retention is often requested when works are being undertaken to a listed building, a building of architectural importance or where a structure is considered to be unique or historic.  Works involve an existing façade or party walls being supported whilst renovation activity is undertaken.

Our clients normally use our façade retention service where there have been restrictions imposed on works (e.g. due to the listed status of a structure).  Façade retention is used to preserve the overall ‘look’ of a building, whilst internally the building can undergo layout and structural changes to meet the new occupants’ needs and tastes.

In order for façade retention to be completed safely and successfully a lot of planning is required.  We can design, install and manage suitable façade retention systems.  The choice and design of a façade retention system is dependent on several factors including the results of a thorough building survey, the building’s location, neighbouring buildings and the condition of the building.

One of our most significant façade retention projects was at the old North British Caledonian Distillery in Edinburgh City Centre, a site that was developed into residential housing and a hotel.

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