health & safety

Safety is Central to everything we do…

Health and safety is a high priority for us and we pride ourselves on our exemplary safety record. Our dedicated HSQE manager ensures that Central Demolition are always above industry standards in this area.

Our commitment to health & safety is underpinned by our certification to the OHSAS 45001 health & safety standard.  To achieve this certification we had to go through a rigorous auditing process, but the hard work was worthwhile as the certification demonstrates that we implement best practices and supports our unwavering commitment to protecting our workers, clients, supply chain and the public.

We have a comprehensive training and re-training programme in place which ensures that all of our employees have the appropriate knowledge, skills and experience to undertake work for Central Demolition.  Having a well-qualified workforce helps us to maintain excellent health and safety standards throughout the whole organisation.  In addition, we hold several key health & safety focussed memberships and accreditations – including CHAS accreditation and British Safety Council membership – which we work hard to maintain.

Health is just as important as safety to us.  That is why we run a full health surveillance programme for all of our employees to ensure that our workforce are fit to cope with the demands of our work, and to allow for us to detect potential health issues early and provide support.


We are certified to the ISO 9001 quality standard and this helps us to meet the needs of our clients and our other stakeholders by monitoring, controlling and improving on quality.  We ensure that we have a great understanding of all of our stakeholders’ needs so that we can always meet – and hopefully exceed – their expectations.


We are certified to the ISO 14001 environmental standard and have maintained this certification since back in 2002.  In addition, we are a firm supporter of the zero waste to landfill philosophy and have been taking significant steps towards meeting the zero waste target through our recycling operations.

Demolition is often regarded as a ‘dirty’ industry, but we are working to address the environmental concerns through our large-scale recycling effort.  We have an average recycling rate of 95% which we manage to exceed on some of our demolition sites.  We have invested significantly in our recycling operations and have an extensive recycling centre in Bonnybridge.  We have already invested in excess of £2million in this facility so far, with further spending planned as part of our future development plans for our recycling division.

Beyond recycling, we are working towards reducing our environmental impact by targeting other key areas – for example through reducing our water consumption, reducing our carbon footprint and investing in processes, materials and plant and equipment which have less negative impacts on the environment.

Modern Slavery Policy

Central Demolition are committed to acting ethically and with integrity throughout all our business dealings and we are committed to conducting our business in accordance with the Modern Slavery Act 2015. We have a zero tolerance approach to modern slavery as it is a crime and a fundamental violation of human rights.